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Success Stories

Success Stories


Dada Ji

My wife and I parted ways because of some differences. Since then, I lived with my brother's children who took good care of me. But as the fate had in store, I met with an accident...
It took me a long time to recover from the injury. Everything was fine untill one day, an irritation in my leg started bothering me.
Later on, we found that the cancer had attacked my leg and it had to be amputated. I underwent that operation nearly 4 years ago. Soon after the operation, my will to eat vanished and I started remaining sad. So my family thuoght that I'd be better handled here. I now also work as a store keeper here.
And here I am, still figuring out life. Life has different shades, it's not all good and not all bad. You don't get everything in life, somewhere or the other you lag and that's ohow it is. . Forgetting your pain and serving is the way to live...

"Take care of your parents, they raise you with love, they work hard to provide you education, and to make you stand on your own feet so that you can see the lively colors of life."