Proposed Building

Proposed Building
Proposed Building
DNIT Amount Rs. Total Estimate
5826584.00 Rupees.(1,16,27,700.00) One Crore Sixteen Lac Twenty Seven Thousand and Seven Hundred only
Land Development Cost = 7,08,700.00/-
No. of Single Room set Each Floor 4 Total no of Single set - 12

Total Cost of Project=(1,23,36,400.00/-) One Crore Twenty Three Lac Thirty Six Thousand and Four Hundred only/-

With increasing number of residents in the Old Age Home, The Suket Senior Citizen(Old Age Home Dehri International) Sundernagar proposes to construct a building with 12 sets (one room, kitchen and bathroom) to give better facilities to the poor old people. The building map is approved. Anybody interested to reside here independently can build one set with a deposit of Rs.5 Lacs. He/She can stay untill death. The building will be constructed with PUBLIC DONATION. It is our humble request to kindly give donation for the Old Age Home generously.
Donation from the NRIs or any foriegner will be welcomed and duly acknowledged.

Bank Name : State Bank of India, Chatrokhri
Account Number : 11312777540
IFSC Code : SBIN0008548

Any Donation will be exempted under 1961 80 G/2/a/4 with 50%.